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Hiya! Welcome aboard! I'm your host Alan "Maddog!" MacBride and I'm building a 26' heavy displacement junk.

[albaportrait2003]  [albaportrait2011]  [albaportrait2011a.jpg]
LOA 257" LWL 19'0" Beam 94" Draft 48" Displacement 11,318 lbs.
Sail Area 469 ft.

Evolution: From an idea to a reality, the rainbow was dreamy, the Egyptian cotton just a thought, and the 54 yards of Odyssey III (Taupe) is the final color... more fitting on an albatross at sea. The red rudder may have to go too.

Her name is a tribute to my uncle Bertrand Lafitte, who spent his life working with and around sailboats and inspired me to acheive something better with my life a very long time ago in Italy. His original "Albatross" is long gone, but I still remember her from my childhood years in Le Conquet, Brittany.

I would like to thank Bob Dougherty for running off and buying a boat, and thereby showing me the way out of my basement, where I was building a giant train layout that would have kept me in the dark for the rest of my natural born days.

But, before Albatross...

I built "Puffin", my D4 EXtrordinaire in my livingroom.

Amid questions like, "Are you going to build this one in your livingroom too?" Yes, I began lofting Albatross... in the livingroom.

Building sequence

Starting with "Puffin", you can follow the progress sequentially from page to page. Most of the detours go to the next step of the building sequence, some return here.
If you've taken the complete tour already, you can skip around from this list.

Albatross Pages

Loose Links... Rolling across the deck.

ALBATROSS' Homepage was created with WebEdit, an excellent HTML starter program on Sunday, November 21, 1999, then tweaked and updated with CuteHTML and CuteFTP after I no longer needed training wheels.

Nautical Follies' Birthday 00/02/02 - Death Date... I don't remember. 2007?

Albatross' Adventure was born 11/02/24
Latest update: 12/12/13

      "Do you smell that? DO YOU SMELL THAT?"
      "Epoxy, son. Nothing else in the world smells like that.
      I love the smell of epoxy in the morning. The smell, you know, that resin smell.
      It the smells like... boatbuilding."

"Maddog!" - from the movie EPOXYLIPS NOW

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