The Galley?

When is dinner?

Yours will be during the second dog watch.

How's that for optimism?
The ideas, concepts, and bits-and-pieces have been formulating, coalescing, and gathering, for longer than I care to tell you. This isn't to be taken as a complaint. It does mean, however, that I have a better than fair idea of just how I want this galley to function.

How many times have you looked at the sink and wondered if there was room in it to wash a glass? It seems somewhat odd to me to proclaim "sleeps four" and then have a postage stamp galley to feed them with.

Nothing is quite installed yet but this is the general layout. Here are a couple of "teasers."


I have tons and tons of these containers. They'll be used for all sorts of foodstuffs, and held in place with a low "pen." You'll notice that I had to do some surgery to the ribs/frames. That's because I couldn't quite get all six canisters in between them.
The cover in front is (will be) the lid for the ice box. The plan is to build a box from Luaun, cover the face of the compartment, leaving a recess for the heat pump, and fill the entire compartment with expanding foam. I'll have about 6 inches all around including the door.


This sink is 15"x15"x10". The Coleman will be gimballed and weighted underneath. The canisters will also be penned into place. In the center... the third portlite.
At the front of the counter, the temporary 2x4 is being removed as needed. It's been there up until now to keep the counter from collapsing or getting broken.
That TWO GALLON coffee pot may or may not work here. How about if I paint it black and put in deck as a solar water heater?


The upper cabinet bases are in place. The canister retainers are finished. The rod will be magnetized in several places with tiny rare earth magnets to keep the cans from jumping out when the boat rolls over.


This is the frige. It will be inserted from under the counter and the lid swings down into it. That's why the opening is sloped.


This is the inside of the lid. It gets 4" of foam, then a fiberglass layer to finish it off. It's my first time using expanding foam that didn't come in a can. I approached the expansion rate cautiously. I mixed 6oz. of Part "A" and 6oz. of Part "B". As you can see, it only filled out halfway. That's just about as I expected though.


Second batch, after waiting 20 minutes, I mixed up 8oz. and 8oz. I went a little overboard, so did the foam. But that's OK because it has to be trimmed down to be flush with the edges of the lid. Although the paint cans it came in were very messy to pour, I'm happy to report that I didn't get any on myself as I was mixing and pouring. That's a first.

(I think) that larger batches expand more than small ones. When it comes time to fill in around the fridge, I'll bore holes, maybe 2 inch dia., in the countertop near the corners, and pour on fairly large batches.


Moving forward... to the sink.

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Written 2004/Jan/27
Amended 2004/Feb/15