Still more galley...


Please excuse me, I can't quite think of what to say. Let's hope the pix explain themselves.

The last page was getting just too big. After gluing the frige front in place, I bored a dozen holes around the perimeter of the box and poured all the foam in small batches, sanded the foam out of the tops and put the plugs back in. Of course, there are still more details to finish; the front grill needs to be trimmed and installed, but I've been putting it off. I have only one grill and I need to be absolutely certain of my measurements before cutting it. (It was cannibalized from the cooler.)


In the center here is what will be the sink sump. I had to put a partition on the right for support. Go figure, it's the only place on the boat I didn't pre-install one. The short vertical is the left side of the sump box. The stick in front is a temporary brace.
On top of the counter, in back, is the Whale pump to drain the sink over the side. (I saw the pump idea while looking at pix of MOONDANCER. I figure the details can't be too different from this.)

Hiya Jerry. These two are for you. See? It's not neat as a pin. It's what the place usually really looks like. It's just that I clean up furiously before taking pictures.




Since my last entry, I've sort of "fallen down." Not fallen down like in the movie, I haven't gone off the deep end like Michael Douglass, but maybe just off the shallow end.
After giving much consideration to a suggestion my Uncle John made, I've bought a two-burner propane stove. When the time comes, I'll build a four-way gimbal into the countertop.

As things were progressing merrily and I was about to start painting, I realized that I'd just shit up the place later on if I started now. I literally had the brush in hand when this revelation came to me. So... rather than paint now, (I've already discovered a few spots were I'd like to add some things directly into the boat and epoxy won't stick to the paint,) I've belayed more work in the galley. There's a lot of structural work left to do; fairing the sheer clamp, 'glassing and finishing the transom.

A problem that's been pestering me is that I've been unbale, so far, to find an engine. I've decided to install a diesel. I'd sort of hoped to find one by now and was planning the cockpit, such as it will be, around having it in place. Plan "B" is to build the engine compartment based on the specs of engines (plural) in the same size I'm looking for. 25 equines, if you've got any ideas.

Until recently most of the transom was " thick. Now it's 1".


This is the prop cutout. It'll be adequate for any prop in the 16" range.


The view from the inside. No, it's not all kattywampus. I almost put off taking pictures today. As a last thought, I leaned over and took this shot.
It's all very much "just started."

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Written 2004/Apr/08
Revised 2004/05/11