The work got done. Somehow I overlooked building a page for it. "Oops" is getting to be my favorite word.

Updated Written... 11/02/25


First step was a drawing that went through a series of revisions until all was correct. Although I appear to fly by the seat of my pants, a lot of unseen work goes into whatever I apply myself. I just like to sound cavalier.


Here the stringers for a very steep ladder. Can't be helped. There's no more room I'm willing to compromise in the sallon, and the ladder is just big enough to enclose the engine.


This all went fairly quickly and painlessly. Well, except for one little mishap. That's further along. Risers and treads all pre-cut. Slap the glue to it and it's off to the races. Titebond II for this bit.


While the sides of the ladder sit on the sole, the foot of the ladder extends to the frame so it doesn't present an unsightly hole when the bilges are exposed.


All dry. This is actually two pieces; the bulk of the ladder is stationary; the lower three steps swing open for access to the engine compartment.


Beats me. This why they always take statements right at the scene of the crime.


"I'll take door number 1." These are steep, but if I hang a noose in the companionway and someone slips, I won't feel so bad about "dropping them in my wake." ;-)


Oh yes... The saw bit me.


Hardly bled. Right back into the game.


You weren't eating dinner, were you?

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Written 2007/02/25