A year end wrap-up.

Where to end, where to begin. Although I've been spending what seems like every waking hour day after week after month working on the boat, I haven't felt like talking about it. I've barely kept up with taking pictures. And some time last year, 2011, my camera broke with a slew of pics still inside. And at this point, I can't remember exactly what was done when.

The deck got glassed.
The skylight got repaired.
The access hatch on the bow got cut out and built.
The pilothouse got built.
The rear portions of the deck got finished.
The toerail got built.

The original concept.

The revised concept.

The toerail prior to sanding and glassing.

A bit of silliness. This got everybody's attention and most here thought I should paint it this way "for real."

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Written 2012/12/13