Battens, battens every where

And all the boards did grow;
Battens, battens, every where,
May just drive me to drink.


Picking up where I left off, this is just the beginning. Before moving on to the rudder, I'd manipulated over a mile of battens. I'm so sick of battens I can bearly write about it. But stalwart builder and compulsive raconteur that I am, I'll do my best to summerize the escapade. Whichever wit at YahooJunkrig suggested aluminum battens didn't know the half of it, despite my frequent moanings there.

Apr-18-Mon - Glued 4 battens. Picked up threaded rods for hinges.

Apr-19-Tue - Meandered JRA (see below) to familiarize myself with the new association and forum, and to get a feel for the Wild Apricot software in my new duties as volunteer JRD Links Editor.

Apr-20-Wed - Glued 7 battens. I have no idea what this means. Had I not kept a daily log consisting of a few key words, I'd have finished the whole operation gibbering like a Gitmo escapee.

Apr-21-Thu - Planed all batts. 4 sides. Started first dado. ?

Apr-22-Fri - Mortice & tenon all. Ripped all. ??

Apr-23-Sat - Coated insides twice. Assembled 9 batts.

Apr-24-Sun - Removed clamps and tape. Planed tops and bottoms.

Apr-25-Mon - Filled all gaps. ??? Started ripping #10 batten, (rough). #10 is to be the upper sheeted batten between panels #2 and #3. As such, it's longer than the rest. My idea is to make it slightly heavier since it's longer, and since it's to stand as the last sheet point leaving only two heavy cloth "weather" panels. I was out of yellow pine, but had plenty of long redwood scraps of sufficient width and thickness. But having the "standard battens" stupidity experience, this one would be a simple four-sided box, H 2.5", W 1.75".


Apr-26-Tue - Finished ripping (finish). Planed all pieces 1/2". Scarfed all. Glued all 4 pieces.

Apr-27-Wed - Sanded 4-S 9 batts. Added 2' to #10. One of the pieces turned out to be a couple of feet short so I had to go through the entire operation again to produce a little piece for the fourth side of #10.

Apr-28-Thu - 9 batts. cut to length. Cut 8" filler end-pieces for 9 batts. Glued in all. I'd forgotten about the tapered ends and, until I came to my senses, thought of the pain and misery I was about to self-inflict tapering by way of cutting tapered slots in the batten ends, then clamping and gluing the ends shut. With the filler blocks in place, tapering the ends was... uh... fast and simple.

Apr-29-Fri - Vac'ed shop. Routed 4-sides. Made end fillers. Vac'ed shop again. Leveled supports.

Simplest thing to do here is just quote myself from a JRA thread...
Batten #10, the 21'er, is on the ways. And I use "ways" in the strict sense of the word. The risers on which I'd assembled the previous 9 battens relied only on the levelness of the table, which was pretty good but not perfect. For #10 I stretched a stringline and screwed additional mini-risers to the level-line. Then I re-stretched the stringline for a dead-straight line to adjust for side-to-side clamping.

Bamboo, right, the other 9, 18'-2" long, are hollow from end to end with the exception of solid 8" sections at the ends for bolts or "fasteners - to be installed by others", as they say on architectural drawings I've dealt with for eons. You gotta love architects, "If I draw it, it will become." To which my reaction always was, "sure buddy, as long as you have engineers to clean up your mess." But I digress.

For #10, I made 8" filler blocks for the ends, the section at 18'-2", and 4" blocks every 30" along the way similar to the solid parts that stiffens bamboo along its length.

About 1-thru-9: I got way too complicated. or maybe mentally involved. They are made from 2 pieces, L-shaped and mortised and tenoned, the mortise at the "top" of the L, the tenon at the foot. It all worked out OK. They fit perfectly, but it could have been much less work making them simple 4-sided boxes like #10. #10 is rabbeted corners accomplished with a small laminate trimmer. And despite 85 clamps at work, I remembered to clean up the squeeze-out (glue) before it's had a chance to set up.


Apr-30-Sat - Assembled #10. Reupholster a chair for SheWhoPutsUpWithMe. Glued up 2 Y.P. poles for garden.


Believe it or not, this just the beginning middle.

This way to May

The end is in sight.

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Written 2011/05/22