Albatross goes for a little ride.

Picking up from the previous page, the hinges turn out pretty much as expected.


The move came about because the landlord refused to believe the roof was leaking and refused to take steps to stop the non-existent water from ruining any more of my stuff. So, I took matters in hand and hung a clear plastic ceiling under the not-leaking ceiling...
and took the expense off the rent. I suppose I should have said something first, but at that point I was too pissed off to care about the landlord's feelings. Water got inside the boat on more than one occasion. Leaks turned piles of tools to heaps of rust. New leaks fell from the roof almost at random.

When the landlord got the light rent payment, he called me and went ballistic and doubled the rent before hanging up on me. I immediately made plans to move.

Grove 50 Ton truck crane.

Leaving South Philly forever.

Arriving at her new home.

Easing her inside.

Off the truck.

Walking her to the new spot.

Into her very own corner.

Everything about the new place is an improvement. I used to work for AAA Welding Service before retiring and left on very friendly terms. When I needed a place to move to, Maurice (Finnerty) was enthusiastic about putting Albatross up until I could finish building her. The shop in only 3 miles from home and on the same side of town, as opposed 6 miles with a trip through center city traffic. There's a Home Depot one block away and a Lowe's two blocks away. But perhaps the best part is that I'm now under the same roof as a Tig welder. (More on that later.)

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Written 2012/12/13