Wherein an Aqua Signal Series 40 Tricolor/Anchor light gets the "treatment."

The lamp came from Defender - Great people always willing to humor my dumb questions. And rapid delivery, too. Here's the link to Bebi Electronics' "Masina Malosi" again. 'Masina' is Samoan for moon (or month). A full moon is a strong moon, masina malosi, any other phase would be a masina vaivai (weak) moon. - Bebi
30 super-bright LEDs should be enough to wake up the dead. When I saw they were 1" PVC end caps, (sheer genius, by the way,) I started by getting too complicated. I thought sleeves, glue and adapters.
It's so much simpler than that.

Here's the how-to I devised.

First, unscrew the lens covering. Put it aside. Strip out the lamp bases and give them to someone you don't like. Leave the wire hold-down screws in place, you'll need them at the end.


Here they are upsidedown. You'll notice in their original state, the black sealer comes right up to the rim of the cap. Where I got off to a bad start was thinking the caps and the pieces below had to be glued. In my mind a mechanical joint needs a sleeve, so I routed out the depression seen here on the right. (The 15 LED "Owl" has such a depression due to the black filler only covering one set of LEDs.)
Further pouring over Bebi's pages showed only zip ties holding the bits together. This turned out to be a blessing because the cap and 1" pipe I was going to use for the sleeving formed a very sloppy fit.


1 male 3/4"x1" adapter, 1 female 3/4"x1" adapter. $0.54 each. What a deal. Do nothing with the threaded ends.


The male adapter seen here sitting on top is sawed and sanded smooth to 1" from the "nut" shoulder. The female adapter is sawed and sanded smooth to 1&1/8th" from the end of the threaded hole.

The next step is to clean up the Black base seen here between the assembled adapters. (I lost the two pictures of the base, sorry.) There are 2 bimps on the top side. Grind these off. There 2 screw pockets on the underside. Grind those off. Enlarge the hole in the center of the base to 1&1/16".
The holes seen here in the center are for the LED wires to exit the finished assembly. Drill a 3/16" hole in the black base for the top LED wires to pass through.

Once you're satisfied that your two pieces are flat, smooth and free from those nasty furry bits PVC produces whenever you mess with it, screw the two pieces together through the hole in the center of the black base. This will be difficult. I used anti-seized on the threads and and when I ran them up tight, they locked in place.


The zip ties Bebi supplied looked skimpy to me so I threaded slightly bigger ones into the holes to assemble the top LED in place. I threaded the electrical wires first, then the zip ties. I don't suppose it really makes any difference though. Right after this, begin to close up the zip ties, each a bit at a time until they're all snug... pulling out the wire at the same time.


First half assembled. The Aqua Signal came with a little length of clear rubber tubing for no apparent reason. I fished a snippet over the wire and through the black hole and into the male adapter as a bit of anti-chafing overkill.


Here's another view of the anti-chafing tubing. Note the hole between the LED and adapter. Bebi says the resistors? voltage regulators? need ventilation. I drilled three hole equidistant around the joint... after assembly.


Here I ground off the four screw posts that held the lower fixture in place to allow more room for access to the three screw holes used to attach the light to its bracket of the masthead.


The second LED goes on in a figgy. At this point, seperate the red/white wires from each of the lamps, and marry the top red (the +) with the bottom white (the -) and marry the top white with the bottom red. See the inset. This forms pairs of opposing polarity.


Wrap the new pairs each around a brass post. This will be the + side, going to the tricolor. I marked the opposite side "A" for anchor.


That's it. Put the lid back on until you're ready to install your amazingly bright forever lamp.

I hope this was helpful. It took about four hours, counting too many trips to Lowe's. Feel free to ask any questions.

Afterthought... If you shop around for what a few pissant LEDs cost, you'll see that Bebi lights are awesomely affordable. The bulbs can be ordered from S/V HotWire. Phone: 727-943-0424. Libbie took my order and had the goodies on the way the same day.

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Written 2011/Feb/27

Updated 2011/Mar/06