Another year end wrap-up.

The pilothouse is 1.75" thick, glued up in layers so there were nested joints and glass reenforcement.

The tiller is Maple and Douglas Fir.

I had tons of 1/2" acrylic plastic for lites, so that's what they are.

Mast collar, bow rollers, cabin vent bunks, Windlass base installed. Cleats installed.

This is one of the very last drawings to appear on the hull. Samsonpost. This will get thru-bolted into a re-enforced deck and forward partner. The underside plate washer is L-shaped; bolts thru and sideways into the partner. 316. 1/4" plate and Schd.40 pipe.

Here's one of the mast/deck turning blocks. The sheaves are 2" in diameter. The SS is 1/8" 316 plate. This was disassembled again after this picture was taken and repolished.

Ready for the welder.

And so painting begins. Here's the first of four primer coats. Two coats went on fairly fast, then it was sanded. And washed and mopped and sanded again. Then two more coats went on and those were sanded before paint.

Six coats of finish paint.

Here's the first bootstripe attempt. I used the wrong tape (blue) to mask the lines the first time and it bled everywhere. Probably my own fault for not watching television. So I had to completely sand away the red paint and repaint with six coats of white before trying the bootstripe again. What a mess. The second attempt was a smashing success. One of the guys at the shop told me about Frog tape. Well, it worked perfectly.

Here's a bright, clean, organized, homey scene. The afternoon sun in this place is inspiring.

Here's a view of the moaning chairs. Just about anybody here will come over, relax and maybe eat their lunch, or have a beer on Friday at quitting time.

There's no telling what will land here; the samsonpost, for instance; and the Masthead, just to get it out of the way. The small lines are for knot practice.

Soy foam from Rochford Supply. We opened the gigantic bag on top of one of the welding tables at the other end of this place., unrolled the sheets and let the them relax overnight.

Then we set to work measuring and cutting the assorted pieces.

Unfortunately, the mattress didn't glue together well the first time with spray glue, so here it's being reglued with contact cement, one side at a time.

Here's the new masking job. The blue tape here is only acting as a spacer so the red stripe will offset one inch.

The 1" stripe is more in scale here, imo.

Peeking inside from the galley porthole. Left-to-right: the spice rack/control panel, the not-yet-installed sink is sitting on top of the chart table, the door to the head, and the quarterberth.

This is no way to see the inside. Time for a new page

Here's a birdseye view of the cockpit such as it is primed but without any hardware.

"The Flying Photographer" says

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

This way to see the interior.

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Written 2013/01/08