2012 saw the completion of all major interior projects.

Peeking in at the quarterberth and companionway ladder.

Captain's cabin and cabinets.

This was all primed and painted by Jarret throughtout October.

Here's the panel that closes off the mast area. I hadn't thought of the solution until moments ago, therefore the clamp.

This is the improved head.The Ecolet was just too massive for its space. It went off to greener pastures.

Nothing much changed here except that the base is lower and wider and there will be more room for a hanging storage bag. Can't go traipsing off and galavanting without a blazer and flannels, after all.

Quarterberth; 24" wide, no back cushions (as yet.)

And here we have ladder. Note the top riser has a 4" cutout so I can see the cockpit-mounted compass.

Companionway handrails.

Sink and stove aren't permanently installed yet because the counter hasn't been painted with non-skid yet.

There are still a few things left to do.

That's all for now. This way --> [home2.] Home.[chaos]

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Written 2013/01/09