2012 To Do List

I wrote most of this list in one sitting around the end of January. And it turned out painting had to preceed the rest of the steps in various places on the list. The items in red have been finished as of Christmas '12.

Outside - Bow to Stern

Prime and paint entire deck except at/around cockpit.

At Bow

  • Finish designing bow roller, cut parts. Send to welder.
  • Locate bolt holes and seal w/ epoxy. Install.
  • Creep inside bow hatch to seal underside of compartment. Paint.
  • Complete bow hatch. Build Sea bunkers around 3 sides. Epoxy in place.
  • Finish hatch lever. Needs welding. Install.
  • Design and cut pieces for Sampson Post. Send to welder.
  • Install. Locate holes and seal. Add plywood to strengthen if necessary.
  • Decide on location for windlass. Locate holes. Seal. Install.
  • Design hawse pipes. Cut parts. Send to welder. Locate. Seal. Install.
  • Design pulpit. Cut parts. Send to welder. Install.

    At Mast

  • Install mast ring.
  • Buy sheaves. (6) Design and cut pieces for mast turning blocks, triples, 1 per side.
  • Send to welder. Locate holes. Seal. Install.
  • Buy Bitts for standing rigging, (2). Install.
  • Build wedges for mast.
  • Build mast seal.

    Between Skylight - Fore and Aft

  • Build 2 bunks for dinghy. (Build new MUCH lighter D-4 dinghy - 6' version)
  • Build tie-downs for dinghy.
  • Buy sheaves, (6). Design fairleads. Cut parts. Send to welder. Install.

    At Skylight.

  • Build window frames. Rout frame and vertical sides to mate. Epoxy and glass (heavy).

    At Pilothouse - Front 3 sides.

  • Finish drilling holes for glass. Sand (lightly). Prime frames. Paint. Install glass.

    At Pilothouse - Back

  • Cut holes for windows (2). Re-enforce house for 3/8" windows. Prime, paint, install.
  • Finish hole for throttle control panel. Prime, paint, install control panel.
  • Design boom gallows. Cut parts. Send to welder. Install.

    At Pilothouse - Top

  • Build bunks for solar panels.

    At Cockpit

  • Build coamings, 3 2 sides.
  • Cut holes for and build 3 hatches; 2 port, 1 starboard.
  • Build bunk for winch, starboard side. Install winch.
  • Build bunks for rope clutches, triples each side.
  • Locate and install throttle. (Find 5' throttle cables (2) )
  • Finish installing exhaust hose in port side locker.
  • Finish installing exhaust pipe to transom.
  • Locate and install bilge pump.
  • Install compass.
  • Locate and install U-bolts for tiller governor/shock cords.
  • Locate U-bolts on tiller and install.
  • Design pushpit. Cut parts. Send to welder. Install.

    At Transom

  • Finish filling and fairing transom.
  • Design boarding ladder. Buy material. Cut parts. Send to welder. Install port side.
  • Locate and install U-bolts for rudder preventers (2).

    At Rudder

  • Fit proper length bolts.
  • Locate and install U-bolts for rudder preventers (2).
  • Fair transom at keel.
  • Epoxy paint below waterline - 2 coats.

    At Deck

  • Install loose deck fittings - bitts and vents.
  • Paint anti-skid paint.

    At Hull

  • Install zincs.
  • Install bronze ground plate.
  • Prime and paint above waterline.
  • Paint bootstripe.

    Inside - Bow to Stern

    At Cabin

  • Cut holes on outsides of carlins for wiring runs. Seal.
  • Prime and paint overhead.
  • Finish installing drawer/locker locks.
  • Install padeyes for lashings, nets, and leecloths.
  • Convert all light fixtures to LED; 3 cabin, 1 head, 1 Q-berth, 3 galley, 1 compass.
  • Install lamps in cabin, (3).
  • Install 12v outlets, (2), 1 port, 1 starboard.
  • Build screen for skylight. Install.
  • Install muffin fans for vents.
  • Run wiring from control panel for: lamps, outlets, fans, running lights.
  • Prime and/or paint entire cabin.
  • Design/build/install mast step.

    At Head

  • Finish head enclosure.
  • Install hooks and padeyes for hanging clothes and other stuff.
  • Install TP holder.
  • Install door w/ latches.
  • Install lamp.
  • Prime. Paint.

    At Q-berth - Starboard

  • Install lamp.
  • Install padeyes for lashings, nets, and leecloths.
  • Prime. Paint.

    At Galley - Port

  • Finish designing overhead cabinets. Build open fronts or doors. ?
  • Design base front. Build utensil drawer. Build door under stove.
  • Build door under sink.
  • Finish installing sink. Seal drain pipe to sump.
  • Install sump inspection hatch.
  • Run wiring for refrigerator.
  • Install leveling rack in fridge bottom.
  • Run wiring for lamps (2).
  • Install lamps (2).
  • Run wiring for compass/ engine compartment lamp.

    At Control Panel

  • Install breaker panel.
  • Install A-B-Off switch.
  • Install solar controller panel.
  • Install battery monitor.

    At Companionway Ladder

  • Install latch.
  • Fasten ladder to bulkhead.
  • Install fittings for axe (starboard), shovel (port).

    At Engine Compartment

  • Build shelves w/ doors for tools, (2).
  • Run wiring to battery compartment in bilge.
  • Run wiring to control panel.

    At Bilges

  • Build sturdy battery hold-downs, (3).
  • Drill limber holes from bilge to bilge. Seal.

    At Sole

  • Refinish sole to remove stains and spills.

    Outside the Boat

    At Sail

  • Build sail layout table - 6'x20'.
  • Build cloth rack.
  • Layout panels. Cut. Number and store.
  • Sew sail.
  • Layout Head, foot, luff and leech tapes and ropes. Cut. Store.
  • Sew on grommets.
  • Sew on tapes and ropes.
  • Layout and sew sail cover.
  • Layout and sew windlass cover.

    At Cushions

  • Cut and glue cabin mattress. 4"
  • Cut side cushions, (3), 5"
  • Layout and sew mattress cover from existing cover.
  • Layout and sew leecloth.
  • Cut Q-berth cushions; bottoms (3), 4"
  • Cut Q-berth cushions; backs (2) (3), 3" 4"
  • Layout and sew Q-berth covers; bottoms (3), backs (2).
  • Layout and sew leecloth.
  • Layout and sew mattress sheets, fitted bottom (2), loose top (2).
  • Layout and sew Q-berth sheets, fitted bottoms (6), loose top (2).

    Document boat w/ Coast Guard.

    Register boat w/ State. ?

    Join yacht club.
  • Move boat to yacht club.
  • Move mast, battens, sail and sail cover to boat.
  • Rig sail.


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    Written 2013/01/08