"2012 To Do List" so you can go back and forth.

Here's the paired down list going into 2013.

Outside - Bow to Stern

Prime and paint entire deck except at/around cockpit.

At Bow

  • Creep inside bow hatch to seal underside of compartment. Paint.
  • Finish hatch lever. Needs welding. Install.
  • Design and cut pieces for Sampson Post. Send to welder.
  • Install. Locate holes and seal. Add plywood to strengthen if necessary.
  • Decide on location for windlass. Locate holes. Seal. Install.
  • Design hawse pipes. Cut parts. Send to welder. Locate. Seal. Install.
  • Design pulpit. Cut parts. Send to welder. Install.

    At Mast

  • Buy Bitts for standing rigging, (2). Install.
  • Build wedges for mast.
  • Build mast seal.

    Between Skylight - Fore and Aft

  • Build 2 bunks for dinghy. (Build new MUCH lighter D-4 dinghy - 6' version)
  • Build tie-downs for dinghy.
  • Install fairleads.

    At Pilothouse - Back

  • Install control panel.
  • Design boom gallows. Cut parts. Send to welder. Install.

    At Cockpit

  • Locate and install throttle. (Find 5' throttle cables (2) )
  • Install compass.
  • Design pushpit. Cut parts. Send to welder. Install.

    At Transom

  • Design boarding ladder. Buy material. Cut parts. Send to welder. Install port side.

    At Deck

  • Paint anti-skid paint.

    At Hull

  • Install zincs.

    Inside - Bow to Stern

    At Cabin

  • Install padeyes for lashings, nets, and leecloths.
  • Install lamps in cabin, (3).
  • Install 12v outlets, (2), 1 port, 1 starboard.
  • Build screen for skylight. Install.
  • Install muffin fans for vents.
  • Run wiring from control panel for: lamps, outlets, fans, running lights.

    At Head

  • Install hooks and padeyes for hanging clothes and other stuff.
  • Install TP holder.
  • Install lamp.

    At Q-berth - Starboard

  • Install lamp.
  • Install padeyes for lashings, nets, and leecloths.

    At Galley - Port

  • Finish installing sink. Seal drain pipe to sump.
  • Install sump inspection hatch.
  • Run wiring for refrigerator.
  • Install leveling rack in fridge bottom.
  • Run wiring for lamps (2).
  • Install lamps (2).
  • Run wiring for compass/ engine compartment lamp.

    At Control Panel

  • Install battery monitor.

    At Companionway Ladder

  • Install fittings for axe (starboard), shovel (port).

    At Engine Compartment

  • Build shelves w/ doors for tools, (2).
  • Run wiring to battery compartment in bilge.
  • Run wiring to control panel.

    At Sole

  • Refinish sole to remove stains and spills.

    Outside the Boat

    At Sail

  • Build sail layout table - 6'x20'.
  • Build cloth rack.
  • Layout panels. Cut. Number and store.
  • Sew sail.
  • Layout Head, foot, luff and leech tapes and ropes. Cut. Store.
  • Sew on grommets.
  • Sew on tapes and ropes.
  • Layout and sew sail cover.
  • Layout and sew windlass cover.

    At Cushions

  • Cut and glue cabin mattress. 4"
  • Cut side cushions, (3), 4"
  • Layout and sew mattress cover from existing cover.
  • Cut Q-berth cushions; bottoms (3), 4"
  • Cut Q-berth cushions; backs (2) (3), 3" 4"
  • Layout and sew Q-berth covers; bottoms (3), backs (2).
  • Layout and sew leecloth.
  • Layout and sew mattress sheets, fitted bottom (2), loose top (2).
  • Layout and sew Q-berth sheets, fitted bottoms (6), loose top (2).

    Document boat w/ Coast Guard.

    Register boat w/ State. ?

    Join yacht club.
  • Move boat to yacht club.
  • Move mast, battens, sail and sail cover to boat.
  • Rig sail.


    2013 starts with a return to where it all started. This time the loft will become the sail shop.

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    Written 2013/01/08