Puffin gets a "New Look."

She's still a Mertens-Gossens D4, but looking more like her designer intended.

May '02
I just returned from another Messabout; this one in Alabama. Mikeeeee Saunders is going to put up a page on his site describing the event. I'll be writing an article for Duckworks Magazine in the near future. (Links to follow.)

The reality is that I don't get a chance to sail very often, I'm usually too busy working on Albatross, or just plain goofing off.
The experience of the past couple of outings is that I'm now firmly convinced that, "I messed up big time making the deck so big and the cockpit so small."
Go ahead and say it, "I told you so."
Feel better now? Good, me too.

It's a good thing I'm not a dogmatic "Maddog!" or I'd have been tempted to leave not-so-well enough alone.
Here then is a series of the blow by blows of gutting my baby and her transformation into a spacious cruising dink.


First all the hardware was removed. The deck has been saber sawed along the transom, 1" inside the toerails and straight across the front deck just behind the partners and around the daggerboard well.


Next the cubbies were hacked away with my Sawzall to within a " of the hull.


Side decks gone!


(Mikeeee Saunders would no doubt be proud of these Redneck suspenders!)
The main deck had no visible means of support. So...


Main deck gone!


Next order of business was to cut down the daggerboard well. It's about 12" deep now and will become a seat top.


Although not clearly visible here, the last vestiges of the cubbies were sanded away with a side grinder and 24 grit flapper wheels. The hull is ready for some minor filling and painting.
What IS clearly visible here is that the 'Doggie gets a little silly; (beer label stuck to forehead.) Brian has volunteered that, "There's a dozen bottles of beer in the back of my car that my friends and I forgot to drink last night."


Getting back to the boat...
I've packed out the partners in preparation for the new cockpit coaming.


Here's the beginning of the forward part of the coaming. It's a piece of yellow pine that has already seen a variety of duties around the shop. 'Doggie leaves no bones unchewed!
I want a coaming around the enlarged cockpit so I can continue to develop my Connestoga tent concept. The bottom of the tent is going to stretch around the coaming.


Preliminary shaping on the stationary belt sander.


This is daggerboard well stiffener/rowing seat. Notice the plastic between the "leveler" and the seat to keep it from getting glued to the boat.

That's it for now.

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