Why should the "Spinnaker Crowd" have all the fun?

White sails are so boring. For this Dawg anyway. Tanbark is also soooo, hmmm..., traditional.

If you're a junkie, and a cheap junkie at that, like me, chances are you're going to sew your own sail. That's half the point of using a flat junk sail anyway. I'm supposed to be building a 10oz. sail. So, I started leafing through my Sailrite catalog looking for material.

Did you know that Sunbrella® comes in a whole slew of colors and patterns? I didn't. Seems like you only ever see it in blue, for sailcovers, dodgers and biminies. Too bad it doesn't come in "MacDonald of the Isles" tartan. You can bet that's what my sail would look like!
But... I digress.
9.25oz. sq./yd. (close enough - right?), UV resistant, little shrinkage or stretching, breaths to prevent condensation, water and mildew resistant (not a bad quality for a sail that's going to live outside all the time), and "easy to sew".


Albatross' sail colors from the head down:

Oh yeah! it also comes in: The #46xx numbers are for 46" wide cloth. #60xx would be for 60" wide material.

So! What's the Chinese character all about?

[chaos1smallblackandyellow.jpg] Chaos - Where Brilliant Dreams are Born - I Ching Image - image #3
"Before the beginning of great brilliance, there must be Chaos.
Before a brilliant person begins something great, they must look foolish to the croud."

a.k.a. Chun - Difficulty at the Beginning

You know, the more I look at it, this does have a certain appeal.


Let it never be said, "He took himself too seriously."


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