Bits and Pieces come together

Once the stations had all been marked on the deck beams, I screwed 2x4's vertically to the strongback, plumbed them and braced them. Installing the frames went quickly. A dab of epoxy on the beams, a swatch of polyethelene between the frame and the 2x4, and a couple of screws into the 2x4 to keep the frame upright.

Building Note: Although the stations were marked as stated on the plans, the frames were placed either forward of the line from midship to bow, or aft of the line from midship to transom, so that the frames could be beveled to fit the form of the hull.

[IMAGE]After another check for square, plumb and level, Mongo and I were able to lift the keel and install it.


On [990710kneesandbulkheads120x90.jpg] bended knee.


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