The Keel

The keel would be 3 & 1/8" thick and 4" on the side. I started by cutting all the relevant portions of the lofting, i.e. the stem and angle at the keelson, and the angle at the sternpost. I used these segments as patterns and cut enough 1/2" plywood to laminate the keel into one piece. I ripped a slew of 4" strips for the straight runs along the keelson and the sternpost.


Then, having cleared out most of the clutter from the garage floor, I setup a table, (a series of planks on sawhorses), and leveled it.
Once the table was up, I screwed the pattern to the table and covered it with polyethelene to isolate it from the inevitable flood of epoxy. (Sorry, no pictures of all this.)

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