Nice Knees

I don't know why, but wooden boats all seem to have knees. Must be a woodenboat thing.


Just Kidding!

(This one of my better pictures.)
The pile of boards under the boat is 15 sheets of 3/4" AB Marine Fir plywood ripped to 24" boards. Harbor Sales ripped them for me at no extra charge. Thank You Harbor Sales.
Later Maddog!'s Little Cove&Bead Shop would turn them into strips. But... I'm getting ahead of myself.
OH!, here's a plug for Harbor Sales Company, Inc. (I can't find a Website.)
1000 Harbor Court
Sudlersville, MD 21668-1818

The knees will add stiffness at the shearline, and provide some solid support for the stanchion mounts.
They are 1" thick on each side of the frame, 3"s thick total. 10"s on deck, and 12"s on the hull.

The vertical partitions were installed at this point so that I wouldn't have to cope them into the hull later on.


The mast partners are 3"x3" from the shear to the stringers, but deepen to 3"x6" between the stringers.

By the way, all the interior materials so far have been 1/2" ABX plywood.

On to the [990725sheerclampsinstalled120x100.jpg] Sheer Clamps


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