Lofting the Lines

(It helps if you have a loft.)

"Oh No! Not another boat in the house?"

"Yep! Gotta start somewhere." Our livingroom is 22'x30', the perfect place to screw down the seven and a half sheets of Luaun plywood. It was either the livingroom or the basement. And there was no way I would ever live down "He's building a boat in the basement." For my purposes, I only needed half of the space.

Lofting took several weeks. First the plywood had to be painted. Then the dimensions from the Table of Offsets had to be marked on the plywood. After that I had to laminate a batten 28' long, then bend the batten and mark the lines. I laid down the Deck line, the Sheer line (top-view), the Sheer line (side-view), the Keel line, the Waterline and the stations. A second set of white-painted plywood sheets 10'x10' were needed for the station lines. I used a strip of aluminum 1/8"x1.5" as a batten.

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