The Sheer Clamps

[IMAGE] Installing the Sheer Clamps.

The sheer clamps are laminated with 3/4" Marine plywood. They are 2 1/4" x 2 1/4". I cut matching notches in all the knees, butted to the transom, and mitered to fit tight at the stem.


The stem was checked for square, then screwed to the bucket of wheelweights behind it.
The 3 layers were epoxied on one layer at a time. The first layer was screwed and clamped to the frames on Saturday 7/24. The second was clamped only, on Sunday 7/25. The third was installed on Saturday 7/31, and finished on Sunday 8/01. Finishing consisted of belt-sanding the upper and outer edges.

Time for the [coveandbead120x90.jpg] Strippers


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