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Boat Links - My Short List

Gavin Atkin's Free Boat Design Resources - Gavin's got lots of cool little boats and all sorts of neat links.
Duckworks Magazine - "Written by and for those wacky homemade boat builders"
Chuck's magazine is always fresh and interesting. Check out the Columns.
Cruisenews Net - Guide to Sailing and Cruising Stories - Paul VandenBosch's magazine. Lots of links too. Cool.
Jim Kearney's "All-Volunteer Yacht Club" - A change of pace. Add to your Nautical Humor from the jokes section of the monthly newsletter. Join the AVYC!
Jacques Merten's Boat Plans Online - Father of the D4, a prolific designer and a very helpful consultant. Check out the Forums.
Jim Michalak's Boat Designs - A new newsletter online every two weeks. Very interesting articles.
Raka Marine Boatbuilding Epoxy & Fiberglass - Just because.
Progressive Epoxy Polymer's - Marine Epoxies - The "Avis" of epoxies. Good and cheap if you need small orders.
Sailrite - Sail Kits & Sailmaking Supplies - Tired of fooling with Polytarp? The Big Boys use Dacron.
Surplus Unlimited - Another online yard sale.
The Mother of All Maritime Links - "Get lost in Link land."
Campmor - Camping Equipment. Best all-around prices and assortment.
Harbor Freight - Unbelievably Inexpensive Tools.

For Sailrite, Campmor and Harbor Freight, go online and order the catalog. When you get them, peruse them at leisure, then go back online to order. Saves all that roaming around hubungous websites. They make great wish books too.

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