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Maddog!'s Cove and Bead Shop in da 'Hood

If you're going to build curved surfaces with strips, they may as well fit tightly. The coves provide a trough for the epoxy to sit in.

I have a DeWalt 2.5 HP router. Years ago, I made a table for it. The top is 1/2" Lexan, so that I can see inside to change bits, and to see how much dust is collecting around the motor. I've used various vacuum cleaners to suck out the dust, this time I just mounted the table to two sawhorses and hung a garbage bag below.


Pryor to actually milling anything, Mongo and Mickey and I ripped 12 half sheets of plywood into strips 1.25" wide. That took one full day. Milling the coves and beads took another full day. At the end we had 140 strips, over a thousand feet.

Now for the Real [990815cplankingcloseup120x90.jpg] Strippers.


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