The Plans

"Difficulty at the Beginning."

After finishing Puffin (Cool detour.), I turned my attention to building a big boat. An Ocean Crosser. A Passagemaker. I evaluated the limits of my finances and building experience, and began searching for a boat to build. I poured through countless designs on the Internet.

Serpentaire, from Jacques Mertens, looked promising. What attracted me were the flush deck, ease of construction, and most importantly, the lines. I bought the plans.
It was only after building a scale model that I began to think it would be a bit too small for my needs. I toyed with scaling up the design, then consulted with Jacques regarding scaling up to 25' or 26'. He said that he had a 26' on the drawing board that would be available on his website quite soon.

I waited patiently, understanding that designing a new boat wasn't quick or easy, and that he most likely had other projects in the works as well.
As months went by and I saw my timetable slipping further and further over the horizon, I began a new search.

Decisions, decisions. I had changed my criteria from planing hull to displacement hull, from sloop to Junk(rig). When I discovered the Penny, I was delighted to see a boat that reflected my own ideals. The flush deck was an idea that I'd been thinking about for a long time. The high freeboard should make for a drier boat and extra volumn below; two good points. The Junk rig would simplify the rigging and minimize sailhandling; two more good points. The Penny had been redesigned, becoming fuller in the beam, "to be more comfortable and stable". All for the better. I ordered the "Study Plans".

After reviewing the Study Plans for several weeks, I eagerly ordered the full "Set".

Penny met all my requirements. So, either it was "Fools rush in..." or "No guts, No Glory!"

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